Waikiki Coconut Tanning Oil

Product attributes
Self tanner
Tanning accelerator
Dermatologically tested
UV-Relax Certificate

The Waikiki Wave Golden Coconut Tanning Oil skincare oil complements the skincare range. The Waikiki Wave Tanning Oil provides intensive care, is absorbed particularly quickly and doesn’t leave an oily film on the skin. After application the skin feels velvety soft; dry skin is smoothed with the oil. The tanning oil is the perfect complement to the three body care lotions from the popular Waikiki Wave cosmetics line, as the active ingredients in this skincare oil support the skin tanning process under UV light. A unique Hawaii tan is achieved even more quickly. The tanning oil consists of pure natural oils. Thanks to the carotene in the lotion, the skin is left glowing straight after application. The tanning oil has a Caribbean coconut fragrance.


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